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All About Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)   arrow

You may be wondering what Emotional Freedom Technique is and what it’s all about.

EFT is an Energy Psychology which combines a talk therapy with tapping on points on the body (similar to how acupunture works).

The tapping helps relax and focus you. EFT then also works on a psychological level as it is combined with a talk therapy which uses affirmations and statements helping you to tune into specific issues and let go of any unhelpful or uncomfortable thought patterns or emotions.

Sounds strange?

Well it’s actually very effective for numerous issues such as:

*Negative or overwhelming emotions *Stress *Fears & Phobias

*Illness *Physical pain *Confidence *Addictions

*Motivation to change *Challenging Limiting Beliefs

The combination of tapping and speaking about the problem begins to release the energy around it and alleviates the intensity of the emotion. We know this because EFT uses a simple intensity scale before and after the rounds of tapping.

For example , someone may have a craving for a cigarette.

They would rate how intense that craving is out of 10, let’s say it’s an 8.

After a short time of tapping this craving can be reduced right down to a zero!

This also works for all of the issues above and more. It is a fast technique but of course for some issues more time will be required as some issues have many aspects which need to be cleared.

Use it yourself

An added bonus is that it can be used as a Self Help tool.

Unlike some talk therapies and complementary therapies, once learnt individuals can use it themselves to cope with negative emotions that may arise, deal with issues quickly and move forward with their day.

We offer group sessions for community organisations and support groups as well as one to one sessions with anyone in the community who would benefit. We’ve found it to be very successful for people from all walks of life with everything from the small to the bigger life issues.

Try it on everything! Try it and see for yourself!

Stacey first developed an interest in EFT as it helped her with a phobia she had had for over 20 years. You can read her ‘Why Emotional Freedom Technique?’ post about it here.